Sandy Toes + Salty Kisses

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

"GeT iT tOgEtHeR!" I continuously told myself while editing my little sister's engagement photos. I could not stop crying. My little buddy stink-a-loo was a woman! My sister and I tend to rock the messy bun, no makeup, sweatpants look. Now she was all dolled up in a blue silky dress. She kissed her fiancé as the bright blue ocean waves crashed into them. The sandy toes and salty kisses, I couldn't take it. They looked stunning together. The perfect engagement

shoot on the beautiful beaches of Anna Maria Island.

Kathleen could light up a whole room with her humor. The whole shoot I was so thankful to hear my sister laughing. Watching her smile because she's chosen to be with someone who brings her the same joy she gifts to others. Photos were not enough for this energetic duo. Photos could not capture the motion that evoked emotion between them. Years from now I want them to look back on these photos and video to remember what it was like to be young and in love. Always wanting more....

- V i c t o r i a


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